Urban Design

“...there's a reason that Elm Street and Main Street resonate in our cultural memory. It's not because we're sentimental saps. It's because this pattern of human ecology produced places that worked wonderfully well, and which people deeply loved. ”
- Jim Kunstler

Author of The Geography of Nowhere, Home From Nowhere, The City in Mind: Notes on the
Urban Condition
and The Long Emergency, published in 2005.


Urban design concerns the arrangement, appearance and functionality of towns and cities, and the shaping and uses of public space. It includes persons trained in urban planning, landscape architecture, architecture, and civil and traffic engineering.  Urban design projects include downtown revitalization, streetscape design, heritage preservation, waterfront planning, regional planning, neo-traditional town planning, active transportation planning, and downtown revitalization.

PLANbyDESIGN works closely with allied professionals, local BIA’s, members and committee’s of Council as well as other organization and as has been responsible for numerous streetscape master plans, downtown enhancement plans, mixed use village layout plans, façade improvement and a variety of improvements to the bicycle and pedestrian realms. 

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