Client Questionnaire

Getting to know you and your property is an important step in the landscape design process.

The questions below are meant to provoke thought regarding the use and ultimate vision you have for your property. This questionnaire is not mandatory however, any information you provide will help us to define your goals and create a custom landscape design strategy that is well-suited to you and your property.

Landscape and Garden Design Consultation
Landscape Construction Plans
Landscape Construction Plans & Planting Plans
Project Management & Landscape Construction
All of the Above

plantings & lawn


additional information

Upgraded Front Entrance
Tree Planting
Perennial Garden (Im a gardener!)
Low Maintenance Garden (Im not a gardener!)
Vegetable Garden (I like to eat what I grow!)
Swimming Pool
Hot Tub
Storage Shed
Garden to Attract Wildlife (butterflies, birds, hummingbirds)
Space for Dining and Entertaining (I have a large family and/or guests coming over!)
Privacy and Space for Quiet and Reflection (I like to read and/or mediate in my garden)
Compost Area (custom built or pre-made bins)
Rain Harvesting (rain garden, rain barrel)
Outdoor Cooking Area (built-in grill vs. space for free-standing grill)
Fire Pit (built-in vs. space for free-standing)
Garden Structure (storage or potting shed, chicken coop, dog run)
Detailed Woodwork (fencing, arbors, pergolas, trellises)
Irrigation / Sprinkler System
Landscape Lighting
Water Feature (dry creek bed, fountain, stream, pond)
Sports Court (basketball court, horseshoe pits, space for badminton)

A property survey, often showing the house, driveway, and property lines, or old construction drawings can be very helpful. Do you have any documents that may help us? If so, please try to dig them out and copy them before we come to your home if you can provide us with a copy of your plan or email it to us, it will prove to be extremely helpful to our process.